255 Magazine

Head editor and art director of 255, an experimental magazine made by the students of Madrid Architecture Schoold.
The magazine also promotes a parallel program of lectures, exhibitions and workshops related with self-publishing in architecture and beyond.
The project is supported by Delegación de alumnos.



TRATADO (1st edition) June 2013, 148x105cm 1000 copies

PORNO Febrero 2013 297x210mm 1000 copies

PROSPECTO  November 2012 594x210mm 1000 copies

MAPAS Y BARCOS June 2012 594x841mm 1000 copies

IDENTIDAD February 2012 297x210mm 1000 copies

E?XITO N-DIMENSIONAL, O CROQUETAS April 2012 148x210mm 500 copies

FUSILES, FESTIVAL FOTOCOPIADO September 2012 148x210mm 500 copies

CALENDARIO December 2011 297x841mm 500 copies


SOUVENIR October 2011 148x210mm 500 copies