Fiesta popular
Fake folk party
Madrid Activa public activation programm
+Marta Muñoz
+El Hijo Tonto
September 2016

We start by considering popular neighborhood festivals as a fundamental element for the conformation of its inhabitants as a community.
It commemorates the shared past, unfolding its memory in the streets; And its on this playful scenario where neighbors appropiate the public space.
In its formalization, through the ritualization of events that connect with the common past, the imaginary of this community will be configured, its identity.

In this sense, rite understood as a set of relatively codified collective behaviors, becomes a medium with a strong symbolic load for the actors and the witnesses. A grammar that constitutes a space of social integration in which all members of a community participate actively.

We understand the project as a mechanism for visualizing the disconnection with the space that is inhabited, seeking to reflect on the right of a neighborhood to configure its own identity, to invent its history.

The official memory and the subjectivities would be mixed in a collective narrative that would be used as support for the constitution of an imaginary neighborhood that we would deploy in a playful choreography by the public space.