Tropical Island 2
Final Thesis, Master in Architecture
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Tutored by María Langarita
Construction tutor: Ramón Gámez
Contributions from Marta Muñoz, Blanca Gomez Terán, Lucía Fernandez, Florian Hauss, Javier Chavez, Roberto García, Raquel Díaz de la Campa-Arias
September 2016

Since 2015 in the city council of lisboa decreed the general plan of interventions of the riverside front, large urban projects have been constructed that are disarranged by the scale disproportionate, more is to do with the tropical-island 2, project that becomes Paradigm of neoliberal urbanism that the new plan plans for Lisbon.

The new building contains pools for swimming, water polo, jumping, synchronized swimming, an artificial sea with waves, hydrotherapy area, saunas, a water park with 9 slides, an ice rink, a giant wheel with 18 cabins and an athletics track with free access.